Tuesday, June 01, 2010

I is not for integrity

I met another fellow who has used the iHero name, this time for an iPhone game, we had a hour long meeting in the summer of 2009. His name is Erik Dahlman and his company, Dataspire, writes apps for iphone that they sell at the istore.

So he made a game called iHero -- while troubling, that is not the most troubling part.

At our meeting I gave him an idea for an iphone game and that I had other ideas/could think of other things as well -- I emailed him a couple times after the meeting and he never replied -- disturbing-- he seemed like a reasonable guy.

So now his company has a new game called "monkey fireworks" -- a major change from their previous portfolio-- which turns out to have the root idea that I presented him in the summer -- moving vectors across the screen that the user had to click on.

I can't express the disappointment I feel towards humanity when people behave in a selfish , "integrity free"manor.

Would it really cost a company that much to pay for a think tank or provide some small amount of credit -- especially to someone that already has a full time job?